The Probate Lawyers at the Law Offices of Knight & Knight Offer Fairfield/Vacaville Clients Expert Estate Planning Services

By Georgia Mueller-Schubert on 19 September 16 News

For over 36 years, The Law Offices of Knight & Knight has been providing clients with estate planning expertise which includes setting up Living Trusts & Trust Administration, Probating of Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, Advanced Healthcare Directives, & EstateLitigation. Proper Estate Planning can help to ensure that assets Clients Testamentary wishes are followed, Can help family members avoid the time and expense of the Probate process, and away from litigation.  

Vacaville, California – September 15th – Probate litigation only serves to drain the estate of cash and assets as it pays for family members to fight over the disposition of a loved one’s estate. To avoid this problem, many people seek assistance from a probate lawyer to ensure that the rules governing proper administration of a will are followed and thus to limit the risk of a contested will.

The Probate Attorneys atKnight & Knightpossess over 36 years of experience and understand that effective estate planning is critical for the peace of mind of every client. To that end, these dedicated probate lawyers host regular seminars to educate the public on “Why Estate Planning is Not Just for the Rich!” and How to Avoid the time and expense of Probate where possible. The Attorney’s at Knight & Knight also review old or outdated trusts and wills.

The Law Offices of Knight & Knight is committed to ensuring that every client’s estate proceeds smoothly through the probate process. They understand how to effectively transfer assets to loved ones, while avoiding any negative tax implications.

About Knight & Knight

The probate lawyers at Knight & Knight save their clients money, time, and stress by anticipating and addressing problems through thoughtful proper planning. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Knight & Knight possess over 36 years of experience as trusted advisors. 

To learn more about how to Set up a Living Trust or for assistance with a Probate Matter, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Knight & Knight at 707-422-5411 or visit their website at