The Law Offices of David W. Knight Offer Probate and Estate Planning Assistance to Clients Located Throughout Fairfield and Neighboring Towns

By Georgia Mueller-Schubert on 26 September 16 News

The Law Offices of Knight & Knight offer a diverse range of legal services and expertise to assist their clients through a variety of legal problems, including Estate Planning such as setting up Living Trusts, and Probate Administration. With over 36 years of experience, the attorneys at Knight & Knight can assist your family to navigate through Planning their Estate, and complex probate matters. 

Fairfield, California – September 15th – The attorneys at Knight & Knight are prepared to assist clients through the complex process of getting a will probated or assets through intestacy. Probate Court is a complex process that often requires an experienced attorney to navigate.

Estate planning encompasses a variety of goals including tax planning, allocation of assets, health care directives, and powers of attorney just to name a few. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Knight & Knight are here to assist clients as trusted advisors for individuals planning their estate, and executors trying to fulfill their responsibilities under the will.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Knight &Knight are experienced in Estate Planning from Living Trusts and Wills to Healthcare Directives and Trust Certification. Our probate lawyers in Fairfield can offer their clients comprehensive services that fulfill all of their needs and exceed expectations.

The probate lawyers at the Law Offices of Knight & Knight understand that effective estate planning is critical for every family. Nothing is worse than a dispute between family members. Experienced probate lawyers in Fairfield can identify potential problems and address them before any conflicts arise. Contact Knight & Knight directly for a free consultation.

About Knight & Knight

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Knight & Knight possess over 36 years of experience in estate planning in Fairfield.To learn more about how to plan your estate, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Knight & Knight at 707-422-5411 or visit their website at