David W. Knight, a Probate Lawyer in Fairfield, to Host Seminar Discussing Estate Planning and Living Trusts

By Georgia Mueller-Schubert on 18 July 16 News

David W. Knight is set to host his next Estate Planning seminar on August 19th (Friday) at the Suisun Senior Center located at 318 Merganser Drive. The seminar will take place between 1:00PM to 2:00PM. Call (704) 422-5411 to reserve a seat. Space is limited.

Fairfield, California – July 8th – David W. Knight, of the Law Offices of Knight & Knight, is presenting a seminar on Living Trusts and Estate Planning that is open to the public.

David Knight is a probate lawyer in Fairfield that has dedicated his practice to serving his community in every way possible. He has spoken at a number of seminars that discuss issues in Estate Planning across multiple cities from Walnut Creek and Rio Vista to Woodland and more.

His latest seminar, an exploration of Living Trusts, is set for Friday, August 19th from 1:00PM to 2:00PM. It will take place at the Suisun Senior Center, located at 318 Merganser Drive, Suisun City. Space is limited so please call (704) 422-5411 as soon as possible to reserve a seat.

This particular seminar will address several ongoing developments involving estate planning.

David Knight will address the changes to the tax code and how that will affect estate planning. He will discuss strategies on how to avoid probate court. He will review how and when a living trust is an appropriate component of an estate plan. The seminar will also address current Medi-Cal spend-down rules, the best strategies to hold title to property, and many more topics.

The Law Offices of Knight & Knight have been a proud sponsor of the Suisun Center Community Celebration Day for several years.

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